Discussion: Gig Economy Forecast

Many of you have been asking about possible interactive community/discussion elements for this newsletter. Rather than do a generic open-ended discussion component (there’s @artofgig mentions on Twitter for that), I’d like to experiment with some structured wisdom-of-crowd discussions, of potential use to all of us, using Substack’s new thread feature.

For our first experiment, here is the prompt/challenge: using the axes on this 2x2, identify and NAME one or more current trends you’ve encountered in your work that we in the gig economy should be staying aware of. Post any interesting details or examples you are able to share, and which quadrant you think it fits into. Feel free to comment on others' candidate threads with your own supporting or conflicting anecdata/thoughts. Hit “like” on trend hypotheses you agree with, so we can get an aggregate sense of how strong a candidate trend is.

For every candidate trend posted within the next 48 hours that fits this map, I’ll post a reaction/comment, and compile a finished visualization out of the responses in a future post.